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1.Guity rich white people who think that by showing up at a rally they will be free of all their guilt for being white.
2.People who think that a doctor and garbage man should make the same amount of money a week.
3.A college professor who preffers to indoctrinate instead of teach, by spreading his own agenda.
4.People who infiltrated the Democratic Party because they know that no one will vote for them if they had their own.
5.People who are intolerant of other political views.
6.People that claim to be "liberal" but they are not.
Fuck liberals, they are afraid of introducing their children to any relegion and having them make their own decision on whether they will like to beleive in god or not.
Putting prefexis on people, such as
"African American" or "Chinese American" and preventing from everybody being an American.
by Let's be Americans April 18, 2009
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