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A Mexican (or more specifically, Tex-Mex) fast-food restaurant located primarily in the Midwest region of the country.

Stupid people may claim that Taco Bell is "better" than Taco Johns, but they are horribly mistaken. Taco Johns is highly superior, due in large part to their divine Potato Oles and the Six Pack and a Pound.
"Hey man, where do you want to go to eat?"
"Taco Johns."
"Good idea!"

"Uhhh dude... I've got violent diarrhea from the massive amount of Taco Johns i consumed last night."
"Yeah, it'll do that to you..."
by Lenny Gregslovski January 22, 2008

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A dump in the form of nearly 100% liquid. These dumps are commonly associated with a sharp, burning sensation and lethal stench. Common causes of a liquidump include greasy Mexican or Chinese food, mass amounts of beer, contaminated water, and various forms of the flu. Toilet paper companies profit largely off liquidumps as most jobs require half a roll, on average, to wipe.
"Hey man, I gotta use the john."
"Uhh, I'd stay outta there for at least a couple more hours. I just took a massive liquidump."
"I see... I'll just go outside then..."
by Lenny Gregslovski January 28, 2008

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