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Let me 'splain: Christmas like autobus. Autobus go forward, Christmas stop. Christmas go forward, autobus stop. Is simple no?
Let me 'splain again: Christmas like autobus. Christmas stop, autobus go forward. Autobus go forward Christmas go backward. Is simple no?

You still don't get it? Let me 'esplain, is simple. Autobus go backward Christmas stop. Christmas go forward autobus go backward. Is simple no?

Still having touble my friend? Is simple. Like I already 'splain. Christmas like autobus. Autobus stop, Christmas stop. Autobus go forward, Christmas go backward.

You still no get? You sure you not just having the joke with me? It's so simple. Even a child get it. Christmas like autobus that go forward and backward, then Autobus stop. Simple no?

No Kwanza, autobus. Stop going forward. Go back now. Is simple. Even child get it if you stoping having joke with me.
Yule, Yuletide, Winterfest, Comercial Season that steals your very soul. Pigtime.
by Lennie loves Mike Watkiss December 14, 2004
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