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Chat speak is a commonly used way of talking in chat rooms or on AIM. It includes Rofl (rolling on the floor laughing), Lol (laugh out loud), Lmao (laughing my ass off), and many others. Some people get this form of internet language confused with another. This one is called 1337 (leet). Chat speak can also be used as one sentence, such as Asl (age, sex, location.) Many people may use little or no punctuation and may not capitalize their words. They tend to spell words incorrectly and not bother changing them.
User 1: yea ten i was like ur a fat fase
User 2: ROFL oic idc how u did it im glad u beat him up he was lyk soooo annoying
User 3: idk he was lyk kinda cute rite i no im lyk omg im kra z chat speak is sooooo kool
User 2: gtg, brb somtime tat old mom wants me
User 3: bi!!!
User 1: dont forgit we cyber
by Leia Hall November 17, 2006

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