1 definition by Ledge-end

1. When a person is showering and someone turns on a hot tap in another part of the house - thus making the shower water become extremely freezing. This is most effective when holidaying with friends or family in a caravan or similar such vehicle.

2. The uber-cool superhero from The Incredibles, 10,000 times more amazing than Mr.incredible himself he can turn any water to ice, even the water vapour in the atmosphere.

3. The protective bubble around a homeboy's 'fro. No-one is allwoed inside this bubble and if you trespass into the fro-zone, you should fear for your life.
1. Showering person- *water goes cold* Who fucking frozoned me? You bastards!!!

2. 'Frozone held that massive ball monster back for ages while Mr. 'Incredible' trtied to pick up that arm.' Frozone roolz.. Mr. incredible droolz...

3.*Some puny white boy reaches into homeboy's fro-zone to try and touch his fro
homeboy *stepping back and holding puny white boy in a vice-like grip* "Oh, boy, I know you didn't jus step into the fro-zone. If you did then that would have been the biggest mistake you have made all year..."
White boy: *simper simper* have mercy..
by Ledge-end February 26, 2006