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a word to express awsomeness, excitement,energetic,hyperness,ect.

OMG im so crazy Peeyah!!

let me tell you a joke Peeyah!!

Peeyah!! aaaaaaaaaaaah Peeyah!!

this is fun Peeyah!!

Im having the time of my life Peeyah!!
by Leandro (Peedee) PerezIV April 30, 2009
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Jewbagasuarous (Jew.bag.a.sor.us)

derived from the word Jew & Jewbag

A really lame preson;someone who is stupid,dumb,lame,uncool,clumsy,a douche,ignorant,
always hurt,
very odd,immature,extreamly Jewish
somone who falls down a step of stairs is considered a Jewbagasuarous

someone who doesnt know anything will be considered a Jewbagasaurous

the lamest person you know is a jewbagasuarous

"he gets hurt all the time", "what a jewbagasuarous"
by Leandro (Peedee) PerezIV May 01, 2009
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