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Pronounced "Dick"

1. Someone or something (has to be male) is absolutely rude, annoying, or sadistic in a very gentlemen like fashion.
2. Meaning that you are prestigious compared to other men, for other men try to copy dicks but really fail at what they do, otherwise known as assholes.
3. An affiliation of brotherhood, or manhood.
4. If another person calls you a DICK it is immediately changed to dXCK, and it’s considered as appraisal rather than an insult.
5. A clan on Modern Warefare 2 (soon MW3) that perform moves just to piss people off but will do so in such a way, those people are like "you know.. im not even mad."

as a result of the Growing dXCK population an international dXCK code was put into place as of January 4th 2011.

1. Thou shall not steal another dXCK's identity or what not.
2. Thou shall not lie about being a dXCK, because you then become an ass. no one likes an ass.
3. In the Online Gaming World, though shall not kill without being a complete dXCK first. It must reflect awesomely on all kill cams.
4. Thou shall not commit adultry... without proper protection cuz them wild girls is nasty.
5. Thou can only become a dXCK if everyone around them, confirms that they are in-fact a dick, and they must have a good reason as to why u are. for example they must give a reason that is stated in the definitions above.
6. To be a dXCK one MUST have hit puberty, and been a man for more than 2 years. any younger and your just annoying.
1. "Dude, what a dXCK move."

2. Joe is a real dXCK compared to Allen whos just an ass.

3. Once a dXCK always a dXCK.

4. Alita: "Your such a DICK!" Cody: "why yes i am, thank you."
by Leadstreaks October 04, 2011

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