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A male thug who has sexual interest in both males and females.Lives an agressive lifestyle ( a well known result of hood life), mentally unstable(most of the time) and can claim to be of hetersexual orientation(or not); maintaing a reputation that can be associated with the life of urban minority men (aka thugs) in and around predominantly black neighborhoods(unless they are a celebrity).All the while attempting to remain the alpha male in people's perception of him, therefore having to sustain the life of a straight male, with only or mainly hetersexual intents to be accepted into society without considration.
"Tyshawn" is your typical average thug. He's flippin' weight in the hood, got a clique with niggas that don't give Shit about much. On the block all night, having sexual leasions with chicks and even has a 4 year old son. Nigga dresses fly, got a fly ride and is known by people who otherwise would more likely than not, be associated with a homo Thug.Tyshawn has a relationship with a pre-op transexual("Tania") who passes quite well and looks and maintains herself better than a lot of females.She herself is also "notorious"in the hood(for her own reasons)."Tyshawn" and "Tania" have a sexual relationship periodocally but consistent. And all the while these sexual rendezvous occuring on the DL with no knowledge of his actions amongst his family or his crew.
by Le_Chat_Noir August 07, 2006

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