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A sink full of water and ice purposely used for curing common results of a prior nocturnal hardship. ie a wild night in Las Vegas.

A Las Vegas Facelift cosists of:
Crushed Ice (Usually found in hotel Ice Dispensors, although any Ice will do.)
Large Hotel Towe

Insert face into sink for 1 - 5 times, if possible open your eyes--this is for the experienced, do at your own discretion.

Remember to take deep relaxing reaths between each submersion.

Dry off.

This proceedure usually cures the common hangover, red eyes, sleepiness (from and 3-10 hour rest.), and removes dirt from your face.
Dude, I got so wasted last night. I totally forgot about work, and I seriously had to wake up or miss my meeting.

Why don't you use the Las Vegas Facelift next time?

I should of huh? Then maybe my boss wouldn't of noticed the red eyes I had all day.
by LeRoyJ3nkins September 4, 2009
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