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Stereotypical black males. Usual attire consisting of over-sized clothing, too much shiny jewelry (such as: Chains,grills,belt buckles, rings, earrings, watches, etc.), hats that are placed in unexplainably odd angles, and in the majority the price tags are quite commonly left on the clothing, In some cases they tend to wear sunglasses in unnecessary situations ( such as: at night and indoors ), They are often excessively loud and obnoxious in public relations and use phrases such as: MAYNE!, HELL NAW DAWG!, SHIT!, NIGGA PLEASE!, DATS DAT SHIT BABY!, etc. Ledarius's, in most cases, feel the obligation to ride in such automobiles as: Impala's, any brand Caddilac, Lincoln's, Monte Carlo's, Malibu's, Maxima's, Caprice's, and Tempo's. These automobiles usually have accessories that provide no assistance in the driving and transportation process, such: T.V's, FlowMaster's, Rim's, Sound System's, Fuzzy Dice, Lift Kits, etc. On average, 9 out of every 10 black males will fall under the category of LeDarius.
" Look at that group of LeDarius's over there."
" Marvin be some ole' dumbass LeDarius,"
by LeDarius Hammonds June 13, 2007
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