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A gathering with different people from all over the world, it could be held in the forest, desert, or in a warehouse. Starts in the night hours and can last until the next morning. Upon entering the "rave" it becomes a whole different world with all the light effects, different generes of music being spun by local and world famous dj's (i.e Hardcore, Jungle,DrumnBass, House,Trance, any type of electornic music). Speakers that will blow you away, but gives off a vibration that makes you connect with the music. People are able to be free and open without being judged. Also, has dancers that are some of the best and some who march to to the beat of their own drum. Can be known for a place of drugs( acid, extacy, ketamine, weed) and sexual behavoiar. But is also known as a place of peace, the music is what brings us together.One must have an open mind to attend a rave. Once was a scene that was "underground", but since then has faded due to the new generation of kids who do not understand the music and only the drugs.
"The line-up for the rave is off the hook"

"We are going to a forest rave tonight"
by LbGurl January 24, 2009

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