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The worst type of person. A person who is basically scared, small, unintelligent, unable to articulate a coherent thought, unable to write a coherence sentence. A person who is ignored in every conversation so shows up to public meetings with captive audiences where no one can shut him up and talk endlessly in a rural drawl that is fundamentally unintelligible. A person who has wasted his life by being bitter, hopeless, unloving, withholding, selfish, unskilled, mean, petty, and unfaithful. A person who advises a student council group and steals its money to give his son DJ equipment so that his son can use the equipment unethically for his own DJ business. A person who uses public money to purchase popcorn and cotton candy machines that he uses for his own profit. A person who has a duty to protect children as a teacher but instead chokes them into unconsciousness if they are Mexican. A person who thinks that, even with everything they have done in this life that is illegal, unethical, and wrong, thinks that his ‘one true religion’ allows him to escape the consequences of his actions and his personality. A person who hides behind anonymous gossip flyers distributed to employees in order to discredit employees of a school district, even if it hurts kids, to get what he wants politically. A person who hurts kids and embarrasses them in public meetings because he thinks it will get him what he wants. A person who is an asshole.
Vernon: I am going to choke the shit out of that student becuase he is a Mexican.

Frank: Don't be such an asshole, Vernon. That is totally uncool.
by Law on my side April 24, 2008
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