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A cuddle badger is a person holding a blackbelt in the Art of Cuddling. He/she is VERY persistent & will hold you accountable in the area of cuddle quotas. While the cuddle badger's cousin, the honey badger, doesn't "give a shit", this cute badger DOES. The cuddle badger's favourite prey would be unsuspecting "bad-boys" or distant women.
"I came home from work last night & the girlfriend got all cuddle badger on me!"

"She's a little too cuddle badger to me. She can't keep her hands off me in public for heaven's sakes!"
by Laurie Vuitton April 21, 2012

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Defakery is associated with the fake intentions & behaviours sometimes associated with holidays such as Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, etc.
Holidays can involve a lot of defakery b/c they require many to suck it up & plaster a fake smile when we really don't feel like doing so....you know, all those things that involve defakery.
by Laurie Vuitton December 17, 2010

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