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A shy boy with a cute laugh and a great smile. He has dark skin, dark black fluffy hair, camo green and chesnut colored eyes, and thick eyelashes. He loves basketball, rap music, and running. He is tall and lean; looks like he would be sexy shirtless. He swears he is full white even though he looks indian or mexican! He is so very sweet and funny! You wish he felt the same as you do but his emotions are confusing! Your friend says your in love but you blush and say no and that she should shut up. ;) he only told you his middle name but no one else....I think i kinda sorta love this kid...but just maybe...definitely....i dont know....<3..maybe lindseys right....
Girl1: there's Dewayne!
Girl2: shaaaa your blushin!
Girl1: am not! shut up
by Larxieboo September 26, 2011

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