3 definitions by Larqueef the cuck

A person who is obsessed with watching his girl get dicked down by a superior male.

Also known as a Larqueef, Marqueef, Marcuck, Larqeef the cuck, Marqueef the cuck, Lose Larqueef, Cuck Paul, and tubby.
Cumarcuckysqueef: "Please Johnny please dick down my girl, I beg of you. You're my only hope."
by Larqueef the cuck February 26, 2022
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Also known as Larqueef. The man that enjoys receiving the pipe and watching it be given to his girl.
B: “yo Jose you like getting piped?”
Marqueef : “yeah it feels great, I can only get 4 inches though, but my girl can take on the whole country of Nigeria.”
by Larqueef the cuck July 22, 2018
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That one friend who talks the most shit when playing basketball despite the fact that they don't have an ounce of skill or athleticism in their entire blood line.
Lose Larqueef: "I want him."

*Proceeds to break his own ankles and fall over like a complete fucking retard*
by Larqueef the cuck February 26, 2022
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