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A young homosexual with a natural ability/willingness to perform oral sex on men.

Note: Gay men will point out sausage nippers to others by making a slurp sound, or another sexually insinuative gesture.
You find me a freakish, animalistic lover, and I'll get you a yummy little sausage nipper.
by Large One July 29, 2005

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In addition to a misspelled error, "sic" can also be used in a more casual sense. In casual text, sic could be used to represent sarcasm, a purposeful opposite of what is meant. This can be used to subtley get an unimportant opinion across as a pretense to a more elaborate opinion.
While Arnold, Stephen, and Jean-Claude are very realistic sic representations of everyday heroes, I must counter that action movies shouldn't focus so hard on developing the main character, due to the average "hero's" lack of emotion and general acting talent.
by Large One June 19, 2006

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