1 definition by Lankyrat

Anyone who doesn't get the idea that the person they want, want's nothing to do with them. The name of the game here is denial, and it can lead a person down a slippery slope of unhappiness or embarrassment in the end. First signs of a stage 5 clinger would be a girl who is down to suck your dick within 1 hour of seeing you, and then ends up being obsessed with you despite any heroic actions on the part of the man.
Jerry Jabilo - Looks at girl with sexual intent, "Hey girl.."

Nicole Thompson - "Why hello there good sir," elequently

spoke Nicole.

Jerry Jabilo - "Shall we run off into my room and F-U-C-K?"

Nicole Thompson - "I'll do you one better ;)"

Jerry Jabilo - "What do you have in mind?"

Nicole Thompson - Nicole pulls a small box out of her purse, "Here is the finest cut diamond in the world...now ask me to marry you!"

Jerry Jabilo - "Holy fuck I gotta get outta here, we've got a stage 5 clinger on our hands"

Nicole Thompson - "NOOOOO! PLEASE, come back! I thought we had something special."

Nicole Thompson - "Oh well, he still loves me..."
by Lankyrat November 17, 2009