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An Aryelle is the most original, funniest, and sweetest girl to be around. You would be lucky to even have her as a friend, she is hard to find... She is usually insecure but no one gets why cuz she is amazing, beautiful, and loved!! :) She usually loves animals and is a vegetarian, she has a bunch of friends and will always be there for you when you need her!
by Lalalalalalalalalalalalala1234 February 21, 2013
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n. The game played where the word "bro" substitutes the rhyming syllable of a pop culture icon. This usually happens after a topic of discussion dwindles down. The more insulting the pop culture reference, the better. Having "bro" in the first and last name is a double whammy that is worth double points. The one who can't make a comeback, loses.
Bro 1: Yo, can I copy your homework for History?

Bro 2: Sure thing Bro J. Simpson.

Bro 1: Alright thanks Angelina Brolie

Bro 2: No problem Broeseph Stallin

Bro 1: David Browie

Bro 2: Browie Buddafubro

Bro 1: Bro Bronas

Bro 2: *winces in pain* Ow, that hurt bro.

Bro 1: That's the bro game my friend.
by lalalalalalalalalalalalala1234 December 18, 2011
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