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youtube,cin or youtube.cin is a common typo in which 70,000 people and counting have constantly made while either typing badly or too fast, meaning to type youtube.com. When entered you are taken to a strange video with seven or so asian girls singing and dancing with balloons.
*types in youtube,cin and watches*

John: "What...the..fuck."

Stephen: "Dude, youtube,cin FTW!!!!"

by Laff Out Lowd June 13, 2008

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An acronym for Everybody's. Pink. On. The. Inside. This originated from the comic created by Daniel Araujo from Deviant Art a.k.a justflyakite. It's was a comic that started with the same frame every time, but has changed.
lol, Dani's EPOTI comic is so funny, but it has lots of dumb puns, laff.
by Laff Out Lowd June 15, 2008

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