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A term that combines "awesome possum" and "sucks balls" becoming "awesome balls". It effectively communicates the awesomeness or excitement of whatever it is you are communicating about.
After four am in the morning Keith announced he had finished his paper. Nancy was so elated she screamed "awesome balls"!

Person A: So whats the POA (plan of action)?

Person B: Insert POA here.

Person A: Awesome balls, lets get going!
by LaChicaCelestial May 30, 2009
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Is a highly contagious disease, those who suffer from it will eventually become Mexican. The symptoms include a browning or tanning of the skin, attempts at speaking Spanish, growing a mustache, delusions of being President of Mexico, and/or throwing up at hearing anything that is not Latin music.
Since Keith started dating a Mexican he began suffering from Mexicanism. Because of the disease he attempts to speak Spanish, stands out in the sun for prolonged periods of time, and listens to Latin Music on his Zune.
by LaChicaCelestial May 29, 2009
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