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A crazy country, which would be in deep shit without their precious Oil. Home of the quote "Conquerers", who destroyed many of our world, and caused many Terrorism in the Middle East. Also, where a filthy President, George Bush, took Office. Home to the Dirty damned Nuclear Bombs, that would be caused to destroy the entire world, if let off.

A beautiful countryside, though.
Wow, I just let off a Nuclear bomb from America to Russia! I can't wait to die!

OMG!!! I just laughed at a Frenchman, because we "saved their asses" in WWII, but I "Americanly" forgot that the French saved our asses in the Revolutionary War!

We don't think that, because we're to scared to show our weakness in front of the Frenchies!

Hey, what a nice Countryside.
by LOCAL LOCO July 23, 2008
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