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iowa city were its okay to drink a lot but its better to be an alcoholic. with so many bars how can you not always be drunk. fac really come on that just means get drunk after class pass out for a few hours and wake up and do it up again. the magic bus...well need i say more... IC and be summed up as the greatest place ever. no hurricans can ever happen, and even if they did, we would probably all be too damn drunk to noice...well unless our beer wasnt cold.
dont knock it before you try it, you'll love it.
21 shots for you birthday..alright sweet
21 pitchers oh no those are gone get an other card what your on cared 25 and there are only 10 people drinking them dude alright new record.. iowa city is a beer drinkers heaven.
by LND September 21, 2005

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