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London - its a wiked place but aint all that posh like the americans think it to be.

Most of London, except the outer boroughs ,central london and most of westminster is a dump, shitty public housing everywhere from crappy council houses to grimey shitty towerblocks and big dirty estates.

If you wana see londons ghettos - then go to these places - HARLESDEN, Stonebridge, north kensington, gospel oak, BRIXTON, streatham, PECKHAM, walworth, lewisham, deptford, new cross, woolwich, Plaistow, west ham, stratford, HACKNEY, bow, bethnal green, poplar, enfield and TOTTENHAM.

Yeh they're all very shitty with high levels of crime, for example - a lot of robbery, burglary, assault, regular stabbings, occasional shootings and car-jacking goes on and most teenagers in these parts carry knives.

Most gangs always got straps and people carry converted baikals that fire 9mm ammunition, mac 10s, magnums and revolvers. Bare people in London do own guns even though theyre illegal.

If you don't want to get shot, dont go to the places in caps - brixton, peckham, hackney, tottenham and harlesden (harlesden/stonebridge has decreasing crime but once gunshots wud go off every nite, it was like jamaica around 8 years ago)

London has 3 times the amount of crime New York does just to note.
African american kid is walkin along in brixton, London and sees some british niggaz smokin weed.

"yo fam - i dint know UK had weed, i thought yall jus sipped tea and ate crumpets fo real"

BANG BANG BANG - kid gets shot

"talk to da gun pussyole, fuckin yank wasteman"
by LDN gangsta August 20, 2008

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