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A player in the national basketball assosciation. He plays for the Clevland Cavaliers and is the only reason the Cavaliers made the playoffs.

Although people may say that from his solid statistics and for carrying an abismal team to the playoffs that he should have been named MVP in the 05-06 season.

However, the views of many analysts are that Lebron with his current lineup will never lead his team to an NBA Championship like Michael Jordan did his 4th season (equal to lebron's current season)

The bottom line is that if Lebron spends his career with the Cavs he will be known as "the guy who was almost as good as Jordan with worse stats, no dunk comp championships or Nba championships.

If he moves to a team with other good players eg New Jersey he will not be remembered as his all around stats would drop dramatically as he would not be the only decent player on the team

Lebron James will never deserve MVP
by LBJ hater May 16, 2006

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