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when during the course of butt sex the man pisses in his partner's ass. The partner can either be female or male. This is associated with Golden Showers, but is inherently different and possibly the opposite
Andrew - YO MENG did you hear that I gave my girlfriend the wettest and dirtiest golden pony ever!!

Boy#2 - hey dude did you hear about this new fab? Its call golden pony and all the ladies love it
by Kyle the Ginger December 09, 2008

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When a man lights a women on fire and proceeds to have sexual relations with her. This is considered in the genre of smut pornography. The proper method for performing this sexual act is to tie the said fire victim down, but one can be adventurous and leave them untied. This, of course, would lead to a dramatic chase prior to the actual sex usually leading to the person who is on fire dying before the penetration starts.
Kyle was considered the best at performing the African Sun Dance

Brendan's favorite thing to do with a hooker is the African Sun Dance
by Kyle the Ginger January 06, 2010

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A sexual position where a man is seated and he takes a women and turns her upside down where her head is facing his dick. He then forces her to deep throat him and he then spins her around while she is deep throating him

a variation of a blowjob
I had the best inverted chinese yo yo yesterday. better than a normal blow job
by Kyle the Ginger December 28, 2009

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