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Irish colloquial expression for a group of people that you find incredibly annoying to be around. Generally people you know and dread meeting. But the term has broad applications in life.

The awful prefix can be changed for terrible, woeful, despicable, or my personal favourite, insufferable.
Brian: "I'm not looking forward to this this job. The lads down there are an awful shower of cunts!"

Niall: "Aw they're an absolute fucking insufferable shower of cunts!"

Brain: "D'ye want a smoke?"

Niall: "Yeah go on..."
by Kurt Cocaine September 22, 2009

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competition to see who has more salt
Person 1: hey, why is Karl being so fucking salty?
Person 2: i don't know, but with those sodium chloride levels, he could win a lot of arguments
by kurt cocaine June 11, 2015

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