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Mostly seen in Facebook or MySpace (female) stalker.
It's the girl that just wants attention, and usually flakes out on the actual hookup. Or she is the total opposite, she's a complete slut for you.

She wants to be your girlfriend but has little to no previous history of actually hanging out with you. She likes to comment on all of your pictures, sending hints that she's "down".

Sounds like: Girlfriend
Man, that chick is on his nuts. She wants to be his *GIRL FAN*.

He has a lot of *GIRL FANS* commenting on his page.
by KuntFu November 24, 2010

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An upvote on the website reddit, in the subreddit of /r/LadyBoners
"He's so hot! I can't believe he hasn't been upbonered more!
by KuntFu February 24, 2012

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