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a type of demon in the kozbanian cult, kheir ruler of kazarbas demons however is equal to the bahakaz demons. he his known in popular culture mostly in north america and is normaly found in louisina, montana, detroit and texas. Kheir can be summond but truly hard to get rid of. Once you've summond kheir you need someone from the kozbanian cult to return him from where he came. people who are in most vulnerability of kheir are old, young and the sick. the wordS marka harka siza la luka if said 3 times in a ring fire will summon kheir.
Child: Mum I wet the bed. (the doing of kheir)
News: an old lady died in her sleep unknowingly (the work of kheir)
News: 5,000 people have died from the disease (kheir will in no doubt be responisble)

Susan: Heey lets summon kheir
Anjelica: No we don't know anyone from the Kozbanian cult to send him back.
by Kozbanian memeber November 07, 2010

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