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A Bosniak is Slavic Muslim, whose native land is Bosnia & Herzegnovia, but Bosniaks Are found in other coutries notably Macedonia and Slovenia as well. The Term was created in 1993 to Replace "Muslim" as the term for the Islamic Slav inhabitants of Bosnia & Herzegnovia. Bosniaks speak Serbo-Croatian, and it can be written in either Latin or Cyrillic. Despite being Islamic, Bosniaks are not devout Muslims as with most Muslims in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, as most have Deist, Agonist, or Atheist beliefs. Islamic dress is very, very rare, and most Bosniaks consume alcohol. Bosniaks are similar to Serbs, religion Notwithstanding. THe Slav inhabitants were converted to Islam en masse by Turks in the 16th century, but the reasoning behind this is unclear. Do not listen to the moron above, Bosniaks are indeed Slavs. Bosniaks are the Majority population in Bosnia & Herzegnovia, make up 48% of the populous.
Bosniaks are the largest group of Muslim Slavs at 3.1 million but Torbeshi Macedonian Muslims Pomaks Bulgarian Muslims Sandzak Serbs, Goranski another group of Muslim Serbs Slovenian Muslims, Montenegrin Muslims, Croatian Muslims HA! blew back up in your face, Drazen and Gorani Another Group of Macedonian Muslims, who speak a languageGoran only found in their region in the entire world] also make up a sizeable majority.
by Kostantin Robf( Macedonian) February 03, 2005

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