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Marf- Middle Aged Rugby Fan

(in traffic) "stupid marf wont get his massive range rover out of the way!"
Marf- A marf is a middle-upper class man in his 30's to 50's who attends rugby games with his family usually in tow. Usually found in and around the south west London area and other parts of england.

Marf's wear rugy shirts or polo's and usually have rainbow tinted skiing sunglassed perched atop their head.

Other essential accessories include rolex/omega sports watches.

Their defining items of clothing are sandles and knee length khaki shorts.

Their vehicle of choice is nearly always a range rover v8 sport, or mid sized mercedes saloon.

They are never seen without a plastic beer cup in hand, and are notorious for littering the towns they visit where the games are being held with rubbish. Driving tipsy and acting aloof is part of what they do. They can be (after a drink) very obnoxious, however some are not bad people at all and can be actually good people.

Pimm's in a jug is their drink of choice. Their sons are skinny and have 60's haircuts, with names like alfred, charlie, archie or jonathon.
by Kodackamera August 24, 2009

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