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rap is crap
Rap is crap

Knowledge hero is a complete moron. Calling me a dick rider is irrelevant and further shows your lack of knowledge…

If you had any idea at all what music was you would realize that today’s rap is pure garbage and if ypu can not handle the truth then I suggest he get out. Because rock unlike rap will be around when the sun is ready to explode- rap will be remembered as an obscene form of art where no talent idiots spout lots of obscene language and get paid by idiots who surf aol
Rap is crap
Knowledge hero I am sure is a more qualified dick rider than I
And I believe that the editors may be biased toward rap. But that does not change the fact that RAP IS CRAP and always will be till they stop sampling rock to fortify their garbage.
But don’t feel bad rap people. Rock people consider country crap too. So your not alone but at least country people can read music when their not dating their sister or eating corn through a picket fence.

I suggest Knowledgehero you get used to the fact that rap is ending. More and more people are starting to hate hearing re-sampled music. Face it, you better pick a guitar and learn some Metalica spud.
Rap is crap
Rap is crap

I am the most dangerous thing on the planet
A chic who plays rock metal blues and shred. Skills unlike the garbage that rappers spout that require the ability to shout obscenities. Rap is not a hard thing to do. I write lyrics all the time (not rap style because I don’t want to lower myself to their level thank you very much)but because I don’t buy in the ghetto thing or the moronic rap culture I am supposedly a racist or something...I just want people to wake up and smell the fecal matter that rappers have been selling them...

Rock Rules DEAL WITH IT!
by Knowledge heroin September 28, 2006

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