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A bastardization of pwned, which was derived from the word owned. The meaning remains throughout the words, as being defeated, destroyed or verbally raped in some way. Can also be written as "prawnz0red".
1. You can't beat it on the easiest setting? HAHAHAH, PRAWNED.
2. I prawnz0red those 5 guys with my rocket launcher.
by Knoll October 26, 2003

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Short form for the term "TheAngelOfWar". Taow is someone who is ultimately leet in every sense.
1. "Someone stole all of your stuff? Hm, must've been Taow."
by Knoll October 28, 2003

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A phrase from the infamous "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" game Zero Wing and the Flash movie made after it. This phrase is said by one of the members of the space ship moments before CATS arrives.
by Knoll October 28, 2003

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