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The best person you will meet. They are so sweet and will do anything to make your day better. They are smart, have the most amazing voice and Would never do anything to hurt you. You can fall in love fast with them and you will fall fast, but don’t be scared. They just want to make your life happier. You wot forget the first time you realized you loved them. You keep wanting to say it was a crush and it was nothing. Then when you finally said it to the person you got scared they would hurt you. You may have tried to take it back and ruin everything. But then you said it even though you were scared. And you wouldn’t change it for the world. They are your favorite part of your day. And you love them so so much. Their your cutie ❤️❤️
Parvez is your cutie.
by Knight1234 May 05, 2020
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