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Trying to defend your heterosexuality with a story or statement that actually does more to affirm your status as a homosexual in society.
"I remember this one gay guy at the Frat House that used to come into my room and sit on my lap and kiss me all the time. I was like 'get the hell out of here!'"

"Why'd you let him sit on your lap long enough to allow him to kiss you? And why did you let this happen multiple times? You know that story is a Sekelyism right?"

"Dude, I'm getting so buff and bad ass that all the other dudes are checking my hot body out! The chicks are so gonna be on me."
by Kiong Kim April 11, 2007
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To drink ones self into oblivion on Friday and continue the process until class on Monday. While getting Sekelied, one does not worry about personal hygiene, attractiveness of sexual partner, the sex of said partner, or even the age of said partner; basically life in general outside of their room and fridge. To be truly Sekelied, generally one must consume nothing but 3 to 4 cases of beer during the weekend. Food is not important.
Bill broke up with his girlfriend this weekend. The only thing that took the pain away was getting Sekelied.
by Kiong Kim April 11, 2007
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A sexual act in which one positions their partner so that you can grab your partners hand and lick it while stroking the palm with your other hand's pinky. While liking/stroking the hand of your partner, take them to the brink by rubbing your second toe along their body. The dirtier the foot the better. Being scummy and flat out disturbing as possible with this technique is the key. Getting Sekelied while using this technique is recommended. A great move for those with a foot fetish.
Bill got the poor girl so drunk that she didn't mind him Pulling a Sekely all over her cunt. He told me that he had even pissed on his toe earlier that day for the full effect.
by Kiong Kim March 26, 2007
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