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A belieberectioner is a belieber and a directioner combined, which you may call yourself when you're both a Justin Bieber and One Direction fan.

You have to respect Justin Bieber and the boys of One Direction's friendship and not be silly about "beliebers dislike directioners" or the other way around because this is untrue. You support both artists with their music.
If you want to write "I'm a belieber and a directioner" into your twitter bio but you don't have enough characters because you already spammed most of it with unimpostant information about yourself, just shorten it to "belieberectioner," problem solved.
by KinkyxBitchx September 13, 2012

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Short for "be right back," aka "I don't want to fucking speak with you" which people usually say when someone they dislike start chatting with them and they want to get rid of this annoying person.
"Haaai, how r u 2day guuurlfrend?"

-"Hey I'm good, sorry I'll brb."
by KinkyxBitchx September 13, 2012

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