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Vidiot (vĭd’ ē-ət) n. a person who is preoccupied with creating videos of people or animals in the act of performing in a below-average intelligent manner; the action(s) are typically so low on the intellectual scale that, when viewing, it evokes a response of laughter

While this definition is complete and explains what a vidiot is, it is important to point out that vidiots may and can be individuals with various degrees of intelligence and educational levels, and they are people who come from any social and economical background in life. Even though the vidiot may be the subject of the video and may appear to be stupid, he or she may, in fact, be highly intelligent and educated and may not be an idiot in real life.

This type of humor as a form of entertainment became formal towards the end of the nineteenth century when, in 1895 to 1900, the term slapstick first made its way into the World English Dictionary.

Clowning, including the form used as a court jester bears record in history as early as 2500 B.C. during Egypt’s Fifth Dynasty in the court of Pharaoh Dadkeri-Assi.

Today, cell phones that make it easy for anyone to take home videos at any given moment…

The successful vidiot finds, discovers, or creates new situations or old situations with a twist or a different outcome. People like surprises and, when a video takes them in a different direction than what they expected, they receive entertainment, a commodity they can never trade short.
You are a vidiot!

That vidiot is hilarious.

I am such a vidiot!
by King of the Vidiots March 09, 2011

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