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-a bro suffering from of Post-Traumatic-Breakup-Syndrome (PTBS) has opportunities for new trim, but he "sabotages" it either subconsciously or consciously because he can't get over his ex. Ironically, slam-pieces often throw themselves at a "self-saboteur." This could be from pity or because he's so fucked up over his ex that he is the ultimate challenge.

-when in large groups a self-saboteur can help all of his bros get their stingers in some honey, but in a pack of two . . . the girl he shoots down will end up cockblocking the other two.

-two phases of this terrible disease 1) denial stage- where the guy doesn't want to admit he's doing it and 2) acceptance stage- he's fully aware and begins to alter his attitude so he can stick his stinger in some honey.
Anthony: Did you close on her last night? She was chasing your D.
Tyler: Nah, I got too drunk and started being a dick.

Anthony: Please don't tell me you pull a self-sabotage! Bro, that's just fucking sad! You need to get some new honey on that stinger!
by King of all that is Bro October 06, 2011

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