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1) This is when a decimal point is created by getting some stupid emo to cut themselves and bleed on the page to create a decimal point.

2) When you punch someone straight in the forehead wearing a single circular-mount ring causing a red mark to appear on their forehead.
1) "Come here Ohmed u fuckin emo kid i need a bloody decimal to add effect to my work."

2) "That bloody decimal looked sore"
"It was"
by Kilted Kayaker November 23, 2006
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To chip fork is to find out someones been making a move on your "girl", you then pay this person a visit (accompanied if necessary) beat the shit out of them. You then place chip forks down the persons pants a repeatedly kick them in the groin this should put them off trying it on with ur "girl".
The good general (GG) found out that some1 had made a move on his "girl".
Me: Wanna go and chip fork the twat.
GG: Nah he lives like 2 hours away.
Me: Well we could make a day of it.
GG: I wish i hadnt told you now.
by Kilted Kayaker November 15, 2006
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