11 definitions by Killer

a skillful AVP2 player, kicks Azrael's ass all over port 21,
Assembely's in 15 people, SHAG IT!
by Killer March 3, 2004
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A load of cunts that talk with a fucking stupid accent. They all dress the same and make up stupid words that don't make sense. The girls are mostly slags and all the males think they are hard because they fight about 40 on 1 and they take pills.Most are fat and poor. They are also incredibly stupid.
Guy 1"hey looks scoucers over there"
Guy 2"Wow suddenly I just feel alot richer, better dressed, thinner and smarter"
by Killer March 10, 2005
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mixing viagra and extacy together for the biggest rush of your life
i popped some viextacy and damn i felt gangsta
by Killer March 20, 2003
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