2 definitions by Killa aka dat vice lord from da corner

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da best gang in da world!! colors are red and black. we part of the people's nation, wear stuff to tha left. We bang folks, especially gd's! our signs include vln, a playboy bunny, a cane, tophat, martini, five point star (islamic), etc. we are usually allied wit latin kings, blackstone nation, damus, and i myself am close wit three folk gangs: simon city, imperial, and la raza. but dont get me wrong: 5 poppin 6 droppin
Look, there goes a vice lord poppin dat blue azz nigga!
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usually a strong weed, but also crips and blood colors...or vl and gd colors mix into purple!! purple haze that iz!
Nigga, i got so much purple haze in my body!
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