1 definition by Kid Monstar

A strong minded person, who takes no shit, says what they want, dose what they want, tells you like it is not how you would like it to be, natural born leader (Alpha Male), is very kind but has the capacity to be the complete opposite and will do so if they feel they're being taken advantage of, has the capacity to but doesn't socialize with everybody,has they're select few friends, you either love a "Stefone" or you hate'em there is no in between, they're very cocky and arrogant and females find this sort of confidence attractive about them ! They're normally right, very rarely wrong, very unapologetic but has they're "I'm sorry" moments for those overly sensitive cry babies, can hurt you with they're words as well as his hands,knives,guns etc...
by Kid Monstar March 14, 2017
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