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Marluxia ("The Graceful Assasin) is number XI of Organization XIII. A team of nobodies in the popular PS2 game Kingdom Hearts. Maruluxia made his appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, as lord of Castle Oblivion. A castle that Sora and his friends had to explore throughout, through the game, however, Sora and friends realized that they were losing parts of their memories with each level they defeated.
At the end of the game, as the finale battle, you fight Marluxia. Introducing the fighting style of his imfamous-with-fangirls large pink bladed scythe and flower-attributes. (He is known for control over plants)

He is known in appearance for his long shaggy pink hair. Throughout the game, an opinion can be made that he is somewhat a "girly man"
(In the manga of COM, he is introduced to the series with flowers blooming all around the panel, and continues through the series with flowers blooming around him)

Though his voice wasn't heard in COM, because it is a GBA game, it is long awaited that his voice acting will be presented in "Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix". Along with the surprise of Zexion's weapon.
Marluxia Quotes:

"Defy me, and you defy the Organization."

"Just do it."

"Rid us of our traitor."

"Rejoice, Naminé. The hero you've longed for is nearly here."

"Know your place! You would chain your heart with false memories? Cast your heart's freedom aside? You turn from the truth because your heart is weak! You cannot defeat me!"

"Drown in the heart-torn world of nothingness! I shall scatter your heart to the empty winds!"
by Key of Heartless June 23, 2007
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