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A high school in Lancaster, California that was built in 1995. The high school used to be fantastic at sports but then the 21st century came and fucked everything up for them. Now the only sports they're decent at are wrestling, tennis, and sometimes baseball. There colors are red, white, and blue (wow that's original) and they make their uniforms for their sports teams ugly as hell. Lancaster High School sucks balls.
Person 1: Hey did Lancaster High School win the football game against Quartz Hill High School?

Person 2: Ha! Are you kidding me? They lost 56 - 0

Person 1: Wow they suck
by Kered Nosliw December 04, 2011
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Someone who is a slut, whore, and a bitch all at the same damn time
Kasey is such a slortch for slapping Jamie and then T - Bagging her agressively, I hate her!
by Kered Nosliw November 27, 2011
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