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Someone who thinks they are good at World of Warcraft, but in actuallity they suck
All the Alliance are Newberelite
by Kenny Schell February 19, 2008
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Whorsluciouspermigonium is a Greenish tinged whore from which red algae reproduces. Derived from the words: Whore, Slucious (greenish tinged) Spermigonium (From which red algae reproduces).
Weird Al states in his movie U.H.F. "Lesbian Nazi Hookers abducted by aliens and forced into weight loss programs." I believe this to be the closest example to this creature. This is a term my friends and I have used to describe girls that are sluts. The female on the corner was a Whorsluciouspermigonium
by Kenny Schell February 14, 2008
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