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Guys and girls both have the same clothing, hair, and make-up. It fashionable to dig through your closet and look for all your old t-shirts from second grade b/c thats "scene" Its now Okay to shop in the kids department now that your all-grown-up. Wearing thick black glasses even if you don't need them is "scene" too. Going to crappy shows and meeting everyone in the bands is RAD. Must have a myspace or else your just not "scene" ALWAYS end a sentance with "kthnx" its cool.
Take pictures of yourself 24/7 but dont look at the camera, and take them at weird angles. Replace vowels with the letter X. or simply say your hardXcore.
ROFL, Hawt, LOLZ, and LMAO have now become official words.(lyke oh ma gawd)
Lyke Oh my gawd your so gorg! Comm3nt my pix. kthnx.

"lyke fxck you! im hardXcore and your not!"
kthnx bye!
by KayIhArrEye June 27, 2005
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