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1) The language of weeaboos.

2) Someone who has an unhealthy obsession with Japan. Literally 'wannabe Japanese'. They think all Japanese people like anime, manga, cosplay, etc. Just because I'm American does that mean I am in love with Hanna-Barbera cartoons? No! So stop acting like all Japanese love anime. Jesus Christ.

Some signs of being Wapanese are:
(Remember these are the symptoms, not the disease.)

-Always being in the manga section of bookstores or, more likely, the library. Simply looking at manga and maybe getting a few of your fave series does not equal Wapanese. NOT EQUAL!!!
-Thinking that Japan is superior to, um, everything.
-Assuming that all Japanese people are EXACTLY like they are portrayed in anime.
-Pretending to know everything about Japan and its culture from reading/watching a few manga/anime.
-Liking something just because it's Japanese.

Someone is not Wapanese if:
-They only have bad language skills because they are still learning.
-They do not pretend to know everything.
-They genuinely like something, not are just infatuated with Japan.
-They understand kimono and yukata are not for everyday wear, nor is cosplay. If it's a special occasion, wearing the former is ok. Only wear the latter if:
a) It's Halloween.
b) You are going to something later (i.e. Sakuracon)
c) It is a con, or a costume party.
-Their playlist includes at least 50% non-Japanese music.
1) OMG!!! That kimono is super kawaii desu!!
Neko baka desudesudesu~! >:( (the smiley is not wapanese)

2) Marina is such a wapanese. She refuses to see the bad parts of Japan. I mean if someone in America killed her mom she'd be pissed and sad. If someone from Japan did, she'd probably rape that person. She randomly spazzes out like they do in anime. Jeesh, someone kill it, please.
by Kay-Kay is a noodle May 27, 2009

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