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The best kind of guy to date
I dated a nice guy, and it was the best desicision of my life. I'm a woman, and a rather attractive one at that. I used to be the stereotypical cheerleader, you know, with the long blonde hair and more pep than state in space. Anyways, I used to date all the jocks at high school. They were the big manly men, and yes, I had sex with a lot of them. When I was 18, I began strangely feeling slightly disatisfied with my QB BF's. They were the best guys around as my girlfriends would say to me. I had only one male friend who wasn't an athlete I dated or had sex with. I felt like I could tell anything to him. No matter how bad my problems were, he could take them and return a solution to me. Even when grandma died in a car crash, he was there for me. Come to think of it, he really loved me. I feel kinda bad that I didn't realize it at the time. But it doesn't matter now that I'm married to him. He's the kindest, most logical, most loving, best man I could ask for. He said himself that when western civilization comes crashing down, he's going to be holding two things: A gun to protect me in one hand and me in the other. Ladies, if you're reading this, please, for fuck's sakes, actually give nice guy's a fair fighting chance. They won't betray or hurt you. They'll be there for you. They're the most wonderful men ever and I've happy to be married to one.
by Katy132 August 27, 2009

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