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A court of old men who believe that they are allowed to control other peoples bodies because they all lived through WWI. These ancient freaks may not look like much, but be careful not to upset them they might just take your rights away just cause they can. And be careful not to kill a bug near them, it’s murder, because they are, in fact, cells.
Woman: I need to get an abortion please, I was SAed
Doctor: yeah ummmm nah, we can’t do that, if you want to you can go to jail for 15 years for it!
Woman: but my abuser will only be in prison for 5, how is that fair
Doctor: because you’ll be killing a non-breathing and non-functioning (on its own) clump of cells… duh
Woman: *Flabbergasted* but…

Doctor: do I need to call the police

Supreme Court: if you’re old enough to bleed, old enough to breed. You may be 16 but that sucks we guess but your fault for wearing that skirt.
by Katigram June 29, 2022
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