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Are the nicest dudes you will ever meet. Yes, they are tapped into their emotions. And no, they don't cry in corners and slit their wrists. And are not gay. And they actually care about other peoples emotions. These stupid little ideas that people are product of a sick society that wants every one to wear Abercrombie and be perfect. They seriously are, the coolest people you could ever meet and they probally have alot more fun than you stupid conformists do. They make life interesting by not blending in. And thank god that they don't blend in. The world could use more guys that are emotional. And I mean, it'd be great. Because emo guys don't just think about sex. They actually care about how you feel. And you know, I love them for that. Because girls deserve to have men say something sweet about them once in awhile. Instead of, "Wow, she's hot!" The emo boy would say something simular to, "Hello, my darling girls name here how are this lovely evening?"
Sonny Moore and Matt Good are gorgeous emo boys.
by Kathryn [Katie] November 09, 2006

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First off, are a band that has kept me alive through music.

Is a band from Newark, New Jersey that now have three full length albums. (1:I Gave You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, 2:Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and 3: The Black Parade) My Chemical Romance get alot of undeserved shit from the public. They truely are amazing guys. And they do not make Emo Music (Emo music is non exsistant at the moment. It was around in the 80's. And anything now that sounds like it should really be called, "Post Emo.") My Chemical Romance make "Violent Pop Music." And these things that people say about them are so unbelievebly stupid. And the people that say them, ovbiously do not know anything about My Chem. Because if they really knew shit, they would actually probally like them. The whole reason that people do not, for whatever reason, like My Chem, is because of this thing in the world called cliques and labels. And the people that listen to My Chemical Romance are labeled, "Emo" by you inconsiderate conformists out there. So therefore, people under certain other categories do not listen to them because of these "Emo" people. Not because they truely hate Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob or Frank or their music. But the label emo is another subject entirely. What I'm trying to prove is this; People are different. If we weren't different, life would be boring. And people that piss apon people because they live a certain way and they don't like it, it total bullshit. People will continue to live their lives however they choose. So pick your battles. And don't get mad about rock bands. Because really, the people that listen to My Chemical Romance are not likely to bitch about your music because they have better things to do than disrepute other people's music.
My Chemical Romance Saved My Life
by Kathryn [Katie] November 12, 2006

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