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This is a word that my sister & I & our friends all used in the 70' & 80's as kids growing up.

It meant that you did something on purpose, (possibly something you already suspected wasn't a great idea)

but a larger unexpected outcome that resulted was an accident.
I was skipping stones in the lake & I accidentally on purpose hit Christina in the head with a rock. (true story...why was I skipping stones in the direction of anyone's head!!)

In 7th grade I accidentally on purpose flooded the home ec classroom with suds because I decided to throw a bar of soap into the dishwasher to see what happened after the teacher specifically pointed out that we should only use dishwasher detergent. (true)

I accidentally on purpose got a huge burn blister on my thumb when I pressed it on the outside of the waffle iron at my godmother's house to see if the outside was also hot like the inside. (also true)
by KateKennedyDance August 11, 2014

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